Ep. 4: CES hangover

LG’s curved OLED wall at CES 2019

Know More Tech is back! And somehow, I’m still recovering from CES. In this episode, I go over a few quick highlights from the show, including OLED, 8K TVs, and NVIDIA’s sick new RTX laptop graphics cards. As for questions, this week it’s all about TVs and video games.

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  • How bad is juddering and ABL (automatic brightness limitation) on LG’s OLEDs? — Liévin
  • Is my $1,500 Sony LCD awful? — Tony
  • How will game streaming evolve? — Chris from Mexico
  • Which video game console should I buy today, an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro? — Lynel Dsouza



  • Music by Mallory “MaLix” Johns